Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Hijab Recommendations for Nursing Mothers

 Hijab Recommendations for Nursing Mothers

Being a nursing mother must dress comfortably not only for herself, but also for the baby. Moreover, for women who wear hijab, don't wear the hijab uncomfortable or even interfere with breastfeeding.

Even though when a new normal like this doesn't leave the house, it's okay to wear the hijab at home. For example, there are guests, you must wear a headscarf and breastfeeding conditions too.

Hijab that does not bother or interfere with your baby's breastfeeding activities. No needles, pins, pins, brooches and other accessories. For the sake of having a safe hijab for your little one, HIJUP Magazine provides a hijab recommendation for Busui. Come on, check the recommendations!

1. Instant Square Square

Instant Square Square

For those of you who are accustomed to wearing a rectangular hijab, the instant square hijab can be your choice. You don't need to wear hijab accessories anymore, you just need to use it like wearing a bergo or khimar hijab. Breastfeeding activity is not disturbed because of uncomfortable hijab, your little one is safe.

2. Bergo basic

Bergo basic

The basic Bergo with a strap at the back is currently in trend, yes, Dear. Bergo like this has also been a trend in the past few years. Bergo like this is usually used at home, or used when leaving the house. With a strap that is easy to apply.

3. Bergo Motif

Bergo Motif

Tired of plain bergo? You can use the Bergo motif for everyday, Dear. Bergo motifs can also support your appearance even at home. The motif is attractive and the application of the strap at the back, you are still comfortable breastfeeding safely.

4. Long Bergo

Long Bergo

For those who are in syar'i style, using the long bergo is common, well, the long bergo can be your choice. The length of the bergonya to cover the chest and also as a substitute for an apron. Guaranteed, breastfeeding is comfortable. Without having to wear hijab accessories that can disturb Busui and the baby.

5. Khimar


Just like bergo, khimar that covers your chest is also your right choice when breastfeeding. No need to wear a nursing apron, because the khimar length makes breastfeeding comfortable. And insha Allah, your genitals are kept safe and safe for babies, Dear.


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